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Little Pocket Purses Tutorial

6" x 12" Outer fabric
6" x 1" for tab closure
6" x 12" Wadding scrap
6" x 1" scrap of iron-on Vilene
6" x 12" Lining fabric
6" x 2" strip for binding the pocket
5" zip
A press-stud
A decorative button

Quilt the outer fabric and wadding together leaving the lining separate. I use parallel lines, wavy lines, or sometimes stitch following the design on the fabric.
Trim one short edge then cut the quilted panel and lining into:
Pocket 6" x 2"
Two x 6" x 4" for Purse back and front

Make tab. Iron the vilene to the back of the tab fabric. Fold in half RS together. Draw a curve on the folded end using a coin and stitch along both sides and around curve. Trim seam and turn RS out. Press and topstitch close to the edge. Tack the tab into position at the centre of the top edge of the pocket side of the purse front.

Use the 2" strip to bind the top edge of the pocket and lining. Fold binding in half, press, matching all raw edges, pin then stitch to lining side of pocket with " seam, fold to front and machine stitch neatly along the fold.
Tack pocket into position on purse front, (without purse front lining in place).
Insert zip.
Place zip RS down onto RS of purse front matching tape to the top edge. Pin, folding the zip tape ends out of the way at each end. Place the lining RS down on top, pin and stitch along with zipper foot on your machine. It may help to open the zip half way, stitch part way stopping needle down, and then close the zip and complete the stitching.

Fold the purse front and tab away from the zip, but NOT the lining, and top stitch to keep in place. Now fold the lining away from the zip too.
Attach the purse back and lining to the zip in the same way, remember to pin the zip tape ends out of the way. Top stitch as before not including the back purse lining.

Refold so that the lining pieces are RS together and the purse back and front are RS together. Pin, matching the seams carefully. Stitch all around " in and leaving a 2" gap in the bottom of the lining. Trim corners, turn through and sew up gap in lining. Push lining down inside purse. Attach press-stud and button to complete.

Here's a finished one

And two more

And yet more... Very addictive
Make a couple for the Quilters' Guild Tombola ?

These instructions are based on my version of a smaller purse designed by Anna Graham which you can find here: